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IMM Cologne Trend Report 2015

Chaplins IMM Cologne Trend Report 2015

IMM Cologne 2015

Getting Comfortable.

Stop what you’re doing, sit down and get comfortable. At this year’s Cologne furniture fair we saw many of our manufacturers turn their attention towards the importance of comfort and cosiness. It seems that with all what is going on in the world, people want to be able to relax when they get home and withdraw from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Chaplins IMM Cologne Trend Report 2015 - Arketipo Lotus Sofa

Lotus by Arketipo

So how did this translate into the collections of our biggest brands?

With all this is mind we saw many new collections being introduced with the emphasis on a softer feminine shape with large sofas being dressed with as many pillows as possible. Also in vogue this year were soft velvets and warm colours such as burnt oranges, deep reds and teals. These were paired with dark woods and metals to create settings, which were glamorous, laid back and just a little bit moody.

Chaplins IMM Cologne Trend Report 2015 - Rolf-Benz 323 Sofa

323 Sofa by Rolf Benz

Home entertainment should be heard and not seen.

When in the sanctuary of our own home, what better way to relax than watch a good film or listen to your favourite album. Home entertainment or ‘smart furniture’ as it is now being labelled was also on everyone’s lips in Cologne with slimmer built in sound systems being concealed from view within decorative units in a wide variety of woods and metals.

Chaplins IMM Cologne Trend Report 2015 - Spectral Twenty Media Unit

Twenty Media Unit by Spectral

So what pieces caught our eye in Cologne?

A Classic with a Contemporary Twist

With a brand new B&B Italia and Maxalto studio being introduced into our Hatch End showroom in the coming months we were excited to see what new additions they had added to their collection. The Solatium sofa by Antonio Citterio stood out in particular. This classic looking sofa with elegant details comes with the modular flexibility of a contemporary piece so will feel at home in any living space large or small.

Chaplins IMM Cologne Trend Report 2015 - Maxalto Solatium Sofa

Solatium Sofa by Maxalto

New Leathers for a Timeless Icon

The Cab chair designed by Mario Bellini for Cassina has been a long standing fixture in our showrooms and it was great to see it given a new lease of life with the improved selection of colours. In its privileged relationship with the human body, the chair is according to the architect one of the pieces of furniture most deeply rooted in our collective memory. Cassina’s know-how can be identified in the workmanship of the saddle leather, now available in 16 colours, which fits like a glove over the chair’s metal skeleton.

Chaplins IMM Cologne Trend Report 2015 - Cassina Cab Chairs

Cab Chair by Cassina

A Classic Cabinet gets a Hollywood Style Makeover

We were also impressed with the new range of luxurious finishes available on a young design classic, the Cube cabinet system. This year it was presented as a sideboard with shimmering accents in copper and brass, adding glamorous highlights to the handles and frames thus giving the design a completely different feel.

Chaplins IMM Cologne Trend Report 2015 - interlubke Cube Gap

Cube Gap by interlubke

A Very Special Centrepiece

If you are looking for that something special to sit in the centre of your living space, then Tama by Walter Knoll could be just the thing for you. A brand new occasional table made of top quality natural stone, Tama could quite easily pass as a sublime sculpture. The Tama tables interplay of surfaces and materials looked elegant and discreetly sophisticated, which made a nice change from the more angular and cold looking occasional tables that we have become so accustomed to.

Chaplins IMM Cologne Trend Report 2015 - Tama Occasional Table by Walter Knoll

Tama Occasional Tables by Walter Knoll

A New Dining Table with Timeless Character

Rich in design values, this new dining table from Gallotti & Radice demonstrated a perfect balance of modern design with hints of sophistication and classic charm. What made this stand out from the other tables on view was the soft tactile top made from a satin glass, something you can’t help but run your hands across once seated at the table!

Chaplins IMM Cologne Trend Report 2015 - Gallotti & Radice Ely Dining Table

Ely Dining Table by Gallotti & Radice

The DS-600 Slithers into Cologne with a Sting in it’s Tail

The DS-600 sofa system by de Sede, another icon of modern furniture design, was presented in Cologne this year with the addition of a new stool element. The stool enhances the legendary snake-shaped seat by adding an intermediate and final element, perfect for both residential and public spaces.

Chaplins IMM Cologne Trend Report 2015 - ds-600

DS-600 Sofa System by de Sede

A World of Design on your Doorstep

Through our commitment to detail and sourcing the right products, we to continue to drive design forward by showcasing the very best design houses and locating the products that fulfil our clients need for a timeless yet contemporary interior. We look forward to presenting all these lovely new pieces to you over the coming weeks.

Chaplins IMM Cologne Trend Report 2015 - Photo Journal

Click here to view our photo journal from IMM Cologne 2015:

For high-res images and further product information, please contact James Press on: | 020 8421 1779

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Two New Personalities: Birdie Metal Table Lamp by Foscarini

Foscarini Birdie Metal Table Lamp

The two new metallic finishes – copper and black chrome – give the Birdie Metal table lamp by Foscarini a sparkling new contemporary personality.

Available to order via our Online Store here…

The Birdie project told by designers

From inspiration – lightweight nature – to the creation of a practical and versatile lamp. From colour range selection to materials research. Designers Ludovica and Roberto Palomba tell the Birdie project story.

Birdie is a large family

Foscarini Birdie Lamp Family

The Birdie project is a whole family: as well as the table and reading lamps there are also hanging and ceiling lamps with as many as nine arms ranging from the most straightforward models to limelight stealing contemporary chandeliers. A wall lamp completes the family and makes for a co-ordinated lighting project.

View the Birdie Family here…

Five star Birdie

Foscarini Birdie Lamp at the Mainport Hotel - Rotterdam

Unbreakable, practical and versatile, the Birdie family is perfect for contract use too. Just as in Rotterdam’s Mainport design hotel whose five star suites are furnished with warm light and discreet Birdie reading and table lamps.

Please contact our Contract Department for further information:-

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Soft Pad Chair by Charles and Ray Eames now available in new leather colours


The Original is made by Vitra.

Quality, longevity and comfort – these qualities are embodied in the Soft Pad chair by Charles and Ray Eames which, first created in 1969 is now available in new leather colours.

The new harmonious colour palette comprises of 22 shades of Premium Leather in three colour groups: warm reddish-browns, cooler green and bluish tones and white-grey-black. Conceived by Hella Jongerius, the new colour combinations bring a fresh new look and highlights the natural quality and smooth texture of this superior-quality semi-aniline leather. The elegant contours are highlighted by subtle contrast stitching which creates a handcrafted quality. In addition the construction of the Soft Pad cushion has been modified using viscoelastic foam which ensures soft comfort and enhances the pleasant feeling of sinking into the chair.


Vitra has produced the Soft Pad Group over a period of decades in the same superior quality which allows us to offer a 30-year guarantee.

For further information please contact our Design Team:

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Fritz Hansen and Jaime Hayon introduce Room 506 at Raddison Blu Royal Hotel

Earlier this month Jaime Hayon and Fritz Hansen revealed their new design project for Room 506 at the iconic SAS Royal Hotel (now Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Copenhagen). In 1958, Arne Jacobsen also designed a room in this hotel – room 606, which is still preserved to this day. Room 506 celebrates the re launch of the Drop™ chair, which was created 50 years ago for the hotel, along with new designs by Jaime Hayon. Moreover, Room 506 shows how two designers can share the same passion for craftsmanship, materials and aesthetic qualities across a 50-year time gap.

Room_506_8055  Room_506_7852-800x1197

“We wanted to celebrate that the Drop has awakened from its beauty sleep. Therefore we asked Jaime Hayon to design a new Room 606 for 2014, as there are some obvious similarities between him and Arne Jacobsen. They are both known as rare multi-talented artists with the ability and the courage to create designs on any scale. And although Arne Jacobsen had more rigorous lines compared to Jaime Hayon’s more playful expression, they share the same deep-seated passion for organic shapes, exclusive materials, extraordinary craftsmanship and a clear aesthetic expression. These shared values are obvious when you see Room 506,” says Jacob Holm, CEO, Fritz Hansen.


Room 506 is created with great respect for Arne Jacobsen’s original design from 1958. It is different from Room 606, but the similarity is unmistakable. Jaime Hayon is clearly inspired by the classic Arne Jacobsen palette of subtle colours with a few well-placed bright accents. And like Arne Jacobsen, Jaime Hayon has created a total design for the room, including furniture, works of art, bedspreads, lamps etc. Another strong link between Room 506 and 606 is the Drop chair, which has been a sleeping beauty for the past 50 years.

Room_506_7899-800x1197  Room_506_7997-800x1206

Although the Drop chair was originally used both in the cocktail bar and in all the rooms, today it is only found in Rooms 606 and 506. The Drop was originally produced along with the Swan and the Egg, but it was created exclusively for the hotel and was never put into standard production. This year it is back in production and available from our Online Store. Jaime Hayon has given the Drop chair a new, sophisticated upholstery, which lends the chair a different expression and makes a perfect match for the beauty and the ambience of Room 506. Together with all the other furniture it beautifies the room and gives it a touch of Nordic aesthetic.


“In our past six years’ collaboration, I think we have achieved a great evolution for the Fritz Hansen brand but also a great evolution in my own work, moving forward my design with the idea of making the most of minimum means. Coming from the Mediterranean, to be able to make an imprint on Danish design has been an incredibly special experience for me. The idea for this room is to create a luminous space that brings joy and genuine comfort through the Fritz Hansen designs along with some of my own designs and art. Together with Fritz Hansen, I have created bespoke designs just for this room, always in reflection of our shared principles of working with the best materials and aiming for simplicity and maximum comfort,” says designer Jaime Hayon.

For further information on any of the products featured please contact or Design Team:

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TUAREG, LIGHTWING, METAFISICA: The new lamps from Foscarini and Diesel Living with Foscarini are now available!

TUAREG: chaos becomes order in a floor lamp that recalls a sculpture

Tuareg is a dynamic composition of tubular elements with three incorporated 350° directional LED light sources at the extremities. An expressive protagonist in the space, whether on or off, in its orange or black chrome version.

LIGHTWING: great lighting performance with essential, poetic graphics

The slender, sleek rod supports the housing of the LED light source. The directional reflector allows you to control the beam of light. The intensity of the light can also be modulated as you wish, with a pedal dimmer. Lightwing illuminates every moment of your day in a different way.

METAFISICA: a new product from the Diesel and Foscarini partnership

The Diesel Living with Foscarini collection, born in 2009, is enriched with new models each year. Metafisica is a table lamp with a surprising shape: a blown glass body that seems suspended on a fine metallic cage. It  is an important, yet versatile lamp, which emanates a warm, enveloping light.

Please contact our Design Team for further information:

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New leather effect finish adds a touch of elegance to the Air Collection by Gallotti & Radice

Gallotti & Radice New Finish - Leather Effect

We are pleased to inform you that Gallotti & Radice have introduced a new “luxury look” finish for the inside parts of the units included in their best selling Air Collection.

The brand new mink coloured “leather effect” laminate replaces the previous “grey finish” and adds a touch of elegance to the range. This change represents the aim of Gallotti & Radice to continuously improve the quality of their products, providing up-to-date and stylish finishes, both suitable for living and working spaces.

Gallotti & Radice New Finish - Leather Effect

We are sure you will love their new range!

Please contact our Design Team for further information and prices:

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Discover the very best in Modern Outdoor Sofas

The Top Trend: Outdoor sofas

Outdoor sofas have always been one of those things you’ve always thought of having and now is the perfect time to get yourself one!

The outdoor modern sofa provides the very best comfort needed for these very long summer days and late evenings spent with family and friends. By utilising our modern outdoor sofas you are able to forget and unwind.

Our modern outdoor sofas allow you to open up your garden doors and maximise your outdoor living space. Spending time in your garden with relations is the perfect feeling, especially when you are lying down in one our finest sofas, which are made for your comfort.

Saler Sofa Modular 4 - Jose A. Grandia-Blasco
Saler Sofa Modular 4 – Jose A. Grandia-Blasco

Our modern outdoor sofas come in a variety of different shapes and sizes as well as a variety of colours to help liven up your outdoor space. Our modern outdoor sofas are for anyone desiring to read, relax, sleep or even just to chat. Once you have bought the outdoor sofa, you will be pleased not only because of its great design but because of its luxurious comfort.

Lately, these products have been very popular specifically within family gardens all over the world. The new modern outdoor sofas designed by Gandia Blasco are no exception. They have a great modern look with removable fabric covers plus the sofa mats are covered with water-repellent fabrics.

 Flat sofa Modular 2- Mario Ruiz
Flat sofa Modular 2- Mario Ruiz

There is a big choice of modern outdoor sofas on our website so, if you fancy one then just click on it and we will provide the rest of the service. Our team is always available to chat with you whenever needed.

Na Xemena Sofa Modular 1- Ramon Esteve
Na Xemena Sofa Modular 1- Ramon Esteve

Just remember, we provide the best quality and service for you.

Click here to view are huge selection of modern outdoor sofas

Many thanks to Hadassa Partouche our current work placement for her wonderful contribution!

Please contact our Design Team for further information:

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Chaplins Milan Awards 2014: Bringing you the very best designs from the worlds largest furniture fair

Milan Furniture Fair Awards 2014

Welcome to the CHAPLINS MILAN AWARDS 2014, where we will be bringing you the very best from the world’s largest and most exciting furniture fair.

At this year’s fair we saw a lot of warmth in the new collections. Smoked glass, brass detailing and soft fabrics were a constant theme, with many designs provoking thoughts of yesteryear without feeling dated.

Over the next 12 months we will be focusing on bringing this livable luxury to our client’s homes, where you can not only appreciate high end design but enjoy using it on an everyday basis.

We hope you enjoy the ceremony and look forward to presenting our new collections to you over the coming months!


Lotus by Manzoni & Tapinassi

Lotus by Manzoni & Tapinassi typifies our own ethos of bringing everyday luxury into the homes of our clients. The soft, round lines and inviting down padding enwrap the body and give great comfort despite it’s low profile.

We also liked the contrasting patches at the corners, which can be personalised according to one’s own taste or to complement a colour scheme.



Twist&Turn by Hans Sandgren Jakobsen

The Twist&Turn collection particularly caught our eye with its classic references to Scandinavian design traditions of the 50’s as well as Gio Ponti’s iconic Superleggera Chair from the 50’s.

Consisting of two dining chairs, one with armrests and one without and a dining table in Canaletta Walnut, this solid wood dining set combines the simplistic but functional nature of Scandi design with the artisan traditions of the Italian manufacturer Porada.



Aluminium Chair by Charles & Ray Eames

The new palette of colours adds an inviting touch to one of the greatest furniture designs of the twentieth century.

Thanks to the 26 new colours of Hopsak upholstery fabric, the classic Aluminium Chair can now be used to create attractively coordinated living environments in homes as well as office meeting areas.



Jaan by EOOS

No one puts our beds in the corner! It’s time to showcase the place you sleep. The Jaan bed stands freely in the centre of a room and welcomes a modern way of living. Not bright and loud, the striking thing about the Jaan bed is its charmingly elegant allure, allowing it to shape a room without taking over it. Supremely soft and coolly casual.



Tobi-Ishi by Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby

We first fell in love with the rectangular version of the Tobi-ishi table when it was presented last January in Cologne and now B&B Italia have extended their collection to include a low multi purpose table, which is extremely practical due to it’s lack of sharp corners. The table is only available in oak in four different finishes: light, grey, black and smoked. These natural finishes were specifically chosen to highlight the manufacturer’s high level of craftsmanship.



Nuno Stool by Kensaku Oshiro

The Nano stool is a wonderful, playful complement inspired by the work of saddlers, with the dual function of sculpture/stool and pouf/storage.

The structure is entirely covered in soft cowhide and is equipped with an opening seat that reveals a cowhide-covered organiser compartment. Attention to detail, stitching, straps, and the sturdiness and feel of the cowhide all contribute to the distinct individuality of this object, whose attraction will only increase over time.



Ameno by Spectral Audio Möbel GmbH

There is nothing more magical than when something disappears and Spectral do exactly that when it comes to technology! Ameno has a specially made media compartment made of high-strength aluminium, which runs like a backbone through the rear section of the furniture. This gives the furniture its stability and provides space for entire cabling, the rotatable TV mount as well as all docks for holding smartphones and tablets.

We were also impressed with the huge range of surfaces on offer. These include over 2000 scratch resistant glass colours, 3 different wood veneers plus Spectral are breaking new ground with their innovative ceramic surfaces.



Segreto by Ron Gilad

Ron Gilad, the eclectic Israeli designer, has reinvented the classic “secretaire”. No more old-fashioned desks with drawers, their place is now taken by an eye catching triangular unit, which can be suspended from a wall at any height.

Inside are tiny shelves and drawers in which to file away documents, letters, small books and other objects that need to be safely stored for retrieval at will. Thanks to its clever system of stay-rods the lower part becomes a worktop to use when writing or to support a laptop or tablet. The unit comes in eucalyptus or a selection of American walnut finishes, which makes it easy to integrate into any interior décor.



Stack Collection by Borja García

Stack is a stackable outdoor furniture collection inspired by the nautical world with design elements reminiscent of the 1960’s and 1970’s. We particularly liked the collection’s clean and straightforward lines along with the materials used to give shape and colour to the simple, balanced, and incredibly light pieces. The Stack collection is ideal for both large contract installations as well as small residential projects.



Indochine by Charlotte Perriand

At this year’s furniture fair, Cassina presented for the first time new re-editions by Charlotte Perriand in wood, giving some of her design classics a new softer feel.

The Indochine small swivel armchair is an adaptation of the LC7 metal framed armchair which Charlotte Perriand designed in 1927 and demonstrates Cassina’s high quality carpentry workmanship and is testimony to the pioneering architect’s inspiring travels through the Orient.



Gallotti & Radice

Gallotti & Radice marked their presence at the Milan fair with an impressive new collection, which underlined the timeless character and high quality finish of their products.

The new living and home products on show caught our attention due to their distinctive design and combination of different materials, which we believe will bring an exclusive beauty to our client’s everyday lives.



KNP by Jean Nouvel

At Chaplins we are all for pushing the boundaries when it comes to furniture design but we are still getting our heads around the KNP sofa by Arflex!

With KNP, Jean Nouvel questions the archetype of the sofa and separates it into three main elements: a wooden structure, a two-colour reversible cover and loose polyurethane flat cushions. Users are encouraged to personalise their piece by arranging the cushions and the cover according to different uses such as relaxing, sleeping, watching TV and reading.

Revolutionary or Revolting? We will let you decide!


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Tweet Rug by Carpet Sign is highly fashionable! New rug collection takes inspiration from one of the most iconic designs by Coco Chanel – The Chanel Jacket

Tweet Rug by Carpet Sign

Tweed originated from Scotland in the 18th century. Tweed is a rough, unfinished closely woven woollen fabric. The original name of the cloth was tweel, Scots for twill, it being woven in a twilled rather than a plain pattern. A traditional story has the name coming about almost by chance. About 1830, a London merchant received a letter from a Hawick firm about some tweels. The London merchant misinterpreted the handwriting, understanding it to be a trade-name taken from the river Tweed that flows through the Scottish Borders textile area. Subsequently the goods were advertised as Tweed, and the name has remained ever since. The most famous brand of tweed is Harris Tweed, which was created in the 18th century by crofters in the Outer Hebrides. This fabric was then introduced to the British aristocracy by Lady Dunmore in the 1840s for wear during shooting and hunting expeditions. This is also the only fabric to still be produced by hand. Coco Chanel famously borrowed the masculine fabric and created the famed Chanel suit out of tweed during the 1920s. Importantly, it was structured to feel like a cardigan, rather than a restrictive suit jacket. To make it softer it is felted on wooden tables.

History of Tweed Fabric

Tweeds, tweeds….Tweet!

Carpet Signs’ “Tweet” is highly fashionable! Due to a special tufting technique, a charming and unique irregularity is achieved, winking at the ever lasting tweed fabrics. A frivolous border gives the rug a haute couture touch, bringing alongside a joyful emotion. The collection is made of a large diversity of materials: wool, linen, cotton, viscose and silk; the silk yarn gives the rug a sophisticated extra. The Tweet range includes pretty pastels, rich naturals and deep colour mixtures.

Selection of Tweed

Collection name: Tweet
Material: 38,5%wool, 19.5% linen, 14% silk, 14% cotton, 14% viscose
Pile height: 10mm
Pile weight: 2500 g/m2
Colours: 20 mm
Carte Blanche: applicable

Chanel Coat on Gwenyth Paltrow

Our inspiration…
One of the most iconic designs by Coco Chanel is the Chanel style jacket, similar to the many jackets designed by her. It features the box-shaped and collarless jacket style. Coco Chanel got the inspiration from a cardigan sweater in the 1930s, but yet, even till now the Chanel style jacket is still hugely popular. A Chanel style jacket is often made of nubby fabrics like the signature tweed often used and typically features contrasting trim and patch pockets. Since its original conception by the House Chanel the jacket has also evolved into lots of new versions of new styles. Chanel jacket was usually worn with a suit, while these days they are seen with a smart skirt or down with a pair of jeans. You will also find them in all sorts of different colours from pastel shades to monotone. All these innovations have actually given new life to this classic design.




Click here to view our Carpet Sign Rug Collection or contact the showroom for further information:

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New for IMM Cologne 2014: Rolf Benz NOVA. A new movement.


New for IMM Cologne 2014: Rolf Benz NOVA. A new movement.

Sit, lounge, chill, lie, sleep: its unique comfort mechanism makes it easy to transform the Rolf Benz NOVA into a high-back seat, a recliner, a daybed, a bed, or something completely different, somewhere in between. And the Rolf Benz NOVA has just received the interior innovation award 2014. This casual, relaxing piece of furniture, used as a single or double long chair, with its sophisticated craftsmanship, brings a carefree sensuality into every kind of space. The mechanism (patent pending) provides an organic, seamless, gliding transition between the various settings. So the Rolf Benz NOVA effortlessly adjusts to every position of the body.

A particular feature of the modern design language of the Rolf Benz NOVA is the trim of the soft upholstery of the seat and back, with its beautifully crafted decorative stitching all around the edge. The degree of lightness can be chosen according to personal preference, with diagonal filigree legs, or a metal frame running around the chair – both available in textured silver paint, highgloss chrome, or black paint. The Rolf Benz NOVA can be moved from a freestanding position to one next to the wall: by just folding up the back, it turns into a comfortable extra-high backrest. Move the seat forward, and the back can be steplessly folded down into the lying position, taking up a minimum of space. And the headrest too can be individually adjusted.

Please contact the showroom for further information:

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